Friday, January 28, 2005

the Miracle of Love

rewatching "the notebook" for the third time never ceases to give me such a glimmer of hope that love can conquer all. allie at the end asks, "do you think that our love can perform miracles?" noah says, "it can and it has. it's what brings you back to me everytime." allie then says, "do you think our love can take us away together?" noah pauses and says, "i think it can do what we want it to do."

this love story is so inspiring that it is worth re-telling as much as re-watching the movie or re-reading the book, as the case may be. it tells of two young lovers who meet in the summer of 1940. star-crossed as they may be, they came together despite their daring first meeting. noah pursues allie and they fall in love that summer. but circumstances drove them apart and hurtful words were said during the breakup before summer’s end. both didn't mean what they said and both bled from the thought of being apart.

noah wrote allie 365 letters, one for each day. allie's mother had intervened and allie didn't get a single letter.

seven years passed...including the second world war. allie and noah had led separate lives until one day "fate stepped in" and let their paths cross again.

as allie was trying on her wedding dress, her guests marveled at her beauty and at her wedding announcement in the newspaper. unfolding it only revealed the bottom half which held allie's heart - a picture of noah beside his dream house, the house where they were supposed to show their expressions of love. upon seeing noah in the picture, she fainted and the following days found her saying goodbye to her fiance and taking a break.

she goes back to noah with jittery hands and talks of yester years. "what we had was real" she recounts. and noah never wanting her to leave his side again, did his best to keep her beside him.

after all was said and done, allie's fiance comes to seabrook where the love-struck couple were. allie chooses her fiancé, lon, but he let her go.

then the story ends in a happy ever after...noah stayed with allie all her life enduring even the alzheimer's disease which made her forget him and their family. but love always brought her back to him. and even in death, they held each other's hand.

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